15 Easy Ways To Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger

If you’re struggling with having a small bedroom, you’re not alone. Having a small bedroom is one of the most common issues with decorating. It’s a challenge because there are lots of essential furniture you’d want to put inside.

Remodeling and adding some actual space in your bedroom needs too much work (and money). Luckily, there are some cost-effective and easy tricks you can do to make your small bedroom look and feel larger. You can reasonably do these yourself – no need to take down walls and remodel.

To give you some useful ideas, here are a few tips on how to make your small bedroom look bigger. 

What colors make a small room look bigger?

Colors play an essential role in any space. Putting the right colors on your walls can actually help make your bedroom appear larger. Here are some points to consider when choosing a paint color for your bedroom walls.

1. Use light colors on your walls

Lighter colors like white, cream, pastel colors, and others can reflect light. This will make a room seem brighter, airier, and roomier. Meanwhile, dark colors absorb light. Painting your walls with dark colors will make it feel smaller and more constricting. It’s best to stick to light colors if you want to make your room look bigger.

You can also use wallpaper with horizontal or vertical stripes. These patterns create the illusion of height or width.

2. Use a lighter color for your trim

Painting your trim with a slightly lighter color than your walls creates an optical illusion making your walls appear farther back. This can help make your bedroom seem larger. You can paint your door frames, wall trims, even your ceiling a lighter color to create depth. 

3. Use monochromatic paint

Coordination is also necessary when choosing colors for your room. Painting your bedroom with different or opposing colors will segment off portions when viewing, making it feel smaller. You should opt for monochromatic paint colors throughout your room to create fluidity and space. Try picking a light color and use different shades of it instead of using different colors.

How do I arrange my small bedroom?

Choosing the right furniture and arrangement also matters when setting up your bedroom to be bigger. Remember that you should only put in what’s really necessary and try to be creative when choosing your furniture.

4. Don’t put too much furniture

Bedside tables are good to have, but using two of them isn’t necessary if you have a small room. Instead of using pairs of furniture like bedside tables, or a two-seater couch, opt for using just one. Using less furniture vacates more space, thus, making your room seem much bigger. 

You should also avoid tall furniture as it can make the ceiling seem lower than it actually is. Another positioning you can do is to place your furniture against the wall or at an angle. Putting it at an angle leads the eye through a longer diagonal distance rather than the shorter wall. You’ll also often get some additional storage space behind a diagonally-positioned piece in the corner as a bonus.

5. Use space-saving furniture

Just from the name itself, space-saving furniture allows you to save more space and create more room inside your bedroom. One popular trend in space-saving is using a raised bed.  It almost looks like a double-deck or bunk bed, but the lower part is made into a study area or a closet. If you’re not into that, you can also try using a bed with a built-in storage underneath. It will allow you to store more stuff without having to get another cabinet or drawer for it.

You can also try folding beds. There are ones which transform into a sofa when you fold them. You can just tuck your bed away when not in use, making more space for you to move around your bedroom. There are tons of space-saving and double-purpose furniture in the market. Some stools double as storage bins, folding tables, folding chairs, etc. 

6. Use furniture that has legs

“Floor gang” is a trend. But if you want to make a more spacious illusion in your bedroom, choose furniture that has legs. Lifted furniture creates an airy and open feel in the bedroom, making it look bigger. But make sure to keep the area underneath clean and organized. Not everything needs to be legged, but try to have at least one piece with some height.

7. Use transparent furniture

Instead of using wooden chairs or desks, try using transparent furniture. Although it still takes up the same amount of space, it can trick your eyes into feeling like it’s not. Try using glass-top desks and pair it with acrylic or lucite chairs. This will give you a study area that has a minimal visual impact, thus making it appear like there’s a lot of space in your bedroom.

8. Make built-in shelving around your headboard

Built-in shelving can function as a good storage space. Having some of it above, beside, or even around your headboard will save you the unnecessary drawers. Shelving beside your bed can also double as a bedside table. This will save you space and creates an illusion of depth in the wall, making the small room feel bigger.

How do I decorate my room to make it look bigger?

Using the right decor also makes a big difference when it comes to the appearance of your bedroom. Like your furniture, the fewer, the better. Less is more. Make sure it’s on the right scale as your bedroom and avoid overly huge decors. Here are some useful decorating tips you can follow for your bedroom.

9. Have a full-length mirror

A small bedroom should have a full-length mirror. Using mirrors is the easiest way to trick the eyes into thinking a room is bigger than it is. Mirrors not only reflect light, but it can also create depth or height, especially a cleverly angled mirror. It’s not only a nice decor, but it’s also useful for checking your outfit from head to toe.

10. Hang Ceiling-to-Floor Curtains

For curtains, use a ceiling-to-floor type of curtain as they can make a space seem taller. Go for simple cotton or linen curtains that go well with your walls and avoid heavy drapes. You should also remember not to let the ends of the curtain touch your floor as this can disrupt the room’s flow.

A simple solution is to tie them up or choose a curtain that is a few inches shorter. If there is a constraint in space, you can opt for blinds that are sleek in appearance.

11. Keep your beddings simple

A clean and simple look will make your room feel more spacious. You should also apply this to your beddings. Avoid heavy patterns for the pillows, bedspread, and throw cushions. Try to coordinate the colors and shapes of your bedding with your curtains to match the room’s flow.

12. Keep It Simple

While it’s easy to place decors in your bedroom, having so many unnecessary decorations in your room will just make it look clumped and cluttered. If you want to make your room appear bigger, keep everything simple. The only essentials you need are a small lamp, a lovely plant, and a few pictures. That’ll be enough.

13. Maximize lighting

A well-lit room makes a big difference compared to a dark one. Try to maximize the flow of natural light inside your room during the daytime. It can open up the interior and make the room look larger. If you don’t get too much daylight, try using different lighting fixtures to bring some light inside.

14. Use wall-mounted lamps by the bed

Instead of using a bedside lamp, you can use wall-mounted lights and place them slightly beside your headboard and a bit higher than your bed. This draws the eye upward and helps give the room an open, airy look. It also reduces the visual clutter around your bed. Choose adjustable lamps as they are perfect for reading during the night.

15. Clear all the clutter

Last, but is no doubt, the most important tip is to clear your room from clutter. If you want a bigger space, you should try making more space by clearing out unnecessary things inside your bedroom. A well-organized, clutter-free, and minimalist bedroom looks visually bigger than how it actually is. Do cleaning and decluttering a habitually and avoid overcrowding your space.

Transform your bedroom and open more spaces

Keeping your room clean and organized can already make a significant change. But if you still feel like your bedroom is constricted and small, you can follow the tips we’ve given above. You don’t need to change or entirely remodel your room. A few changes and the elimination of unnecessary stuff will do. I hope this guide is useful for your bedroom. Which of these tips will you try?

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