20+ Fun and Easy Dr. Seuss Crafts for Kids

Childhood wouldn’t be complete without reading Dr. Seuss’s books. Kids certainly love the whimsy and fantasy of the stories. With those colorful illustrations, coupled with outlandish characters, funny, made-up words, and silly antics, children can’t help but adore these creative stories.

Perhaps you can make it EVEN MORE fun by helping them make some Dr. Seuss inspired crafts. Here is our list of fun and exciting Dr. Seuss crafts you can make at home or school. They are perfect for your kids, and you’ll surely enjoy them too!

Cat in the Hat Crafts

1. Cat in the Hat paper plate

Let your kids make their own Cat in the Hat face with this paper plate craft. It’s easy to make, and you won’t have any trouble finding the materials needed. It’s great for kids of all ages, even preschoolers. 

You can see the full instructions on Glued to My Crafts

2. Cat in the Hat hats

Make Cat in the Hat reading even more fun by having your make (and wear) these iconic red and white striped hats. I a perfect craft to complement any Dr. Seuss’s book. You can use it for parties too!

You can see the full instructions on Mama Cheaps.  

3. Cat in the Hat patterned Hat

Speaking of the signature pattern, you can also let your kids make their own Hat designs with different colors with this Cat in the Hat patterned hat craft. Play with varying strips of paper and see how your child his very own top Hat.

You can see the full instructions on Teach Preschool.

4. Cat in the Hat handprint craft

Let your toddlers recreate Cat in the Hat characters using their tiny hands. They’ll have fun indeed in making these handprints, and you can keep it as a keepsake too. But watch out, this craft can get a bit messy.

You can see the full instructions on Kids Craft Room.

5. Cat in the Hat Kabobs

Alright, this one isn’t exactly a craft, but it’s too cute not to add. If you want Cat in the Hat themed snacks, you can try these Cat in the Hat Kabobs. Your kids will definitely love it.

You can see the full instructions on Today’s Creative Ideas.

The Lorax Crafts

6. The Lorax plate

Recreate the iconic Lorax face with some paper sheets and a paper plate. This fun The Lorax plate craft is so easy to make, and your toddler or preschooler will surely have fun making them. You can even let them use their tiny hands to create The Lorax’s mustache. Isn’t that fun? 

You can see the full instructions on A Night Owl.

7. The Lorax cupcake liners craft

Cupcake liners aren’t just for those sweet cupcakes; you can also make crafts out of them. Have your kids recreate their Lorax scene using colorful cupcake liners, a few strips of paper, and some straws. You can also keep this craft as a keepsake or hang it on a wall and turn it into nice, cute wall decor.

You can see the full instructions on I Heart Crafty Things.

8. Mustache matching puzzle

The Lorax has probably the most iconic mustache in all of Dr. Seuss’s stories. If you think so too, try making this mustache matching puzzle craft with your kids inspired by The Lorax. You can also use this to teach your toddler about shape matching and how mustaches can be shaped differently. Don’t forget to let them try out some of the mustaches too. It’ll be hilarious! 

You can see the full instructions on No Time for Flash Cards.

9. The Lorax fingerpainting art

Let your kids create their own Lorax-inspired Truffula tree using some paint and their little fingers! Let them explore their creativity and design their own colorful trees, just like in the book. With paint and fingers combined, you need to be ready because this can get real messy! But still fun.

You can see the full instructions on A Mom’s Take.

10. Lorax Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Make toilet paper rolls more interesting by turning them into a small Lorax puppet. Kids will definitely love this adorable little Lorax craft made with just simple materials. You can use this to teach your kids about the characters while reading the book. Try adding some Truffula trees to complete the look.

You can see the full instructions on Crafty Morning.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish Crafts

11. One Fish Two Fish Wine Cork Painting

Since your kids still couldn’t have some of that red wine, let them have the cork. Make some easy fish paintings with your little one using wine corks you may have lying around the house. It’s a fun activity and is excellent for recycling too!

You can see the full instructions on Must Have Mom.

12. One Fish Two Fish Flying Fish Craft

Here’s an easy-peasy craft to make with your kids that doesn’t only take a few minutes to make; it’s interactive as well. This flying fish craft can be enjoyed by the whole family or your whole kindergarten class. Make as many fish as you can and create a fun game for everyone using these fishes. 

You can see the full instructions on Eighteen25.

13. One Fish Two Fish Paper Plate Aquarium

Have your kids make their own One Fish Two Fish inspired aquarium with this craft. All you need is a paper plate, some paint, some fish cutouts, or even some fish crackers that your kids are munching on during snack time. Just make sure they don’t eat it after making this craft. 

You can see the full instructions on Mrs. Thompson’s Treasures.

14. 1 Fish 2 Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Craft

Another great artwork to do with toddlers is this fish craft. It’s really an easy craft to do, and kids will enjoy how colorful it is. You can make the fishes by using plain cupcake liners and painting them, or you can also just use colored liners. Simply cutting circles out of colored paper to make the fish would also work.

You can see the full instructions on A Mom’s Impression.

More Dr. Seuss Crafts

16. I Can Sleep with My Eyes Shut Sleeping Mask

The story of I Can Sleep With My Eyes Shut is another Dr. Seuss classic. Just like what the story is all about, you can make this sleep mask with your kids or students and introduce a fun activity with them wearing this mask. You can even let them paint and design their own mask to showcase their creativity.

You can see the full instructions on 30minute Crafts.

17. Green Eggs Sensory Play

Green eggs? You can let your little ones examine these oddly-colored eggs by making one from slime. No, they are not edible, so make sure your kids only play with them and not eat them. It’ll be a fun sensory activity nonetheless.

You can see the full instructions on Still Playing School.

18. Horton Hears A Who Foam Cup Craft

Here’s a perfect craft to pair along while you read Dr. Seuss’s Horton Hears A Who book. Horton’s styrofoam cup version is a cute character model to help your kids understand the story better. They’ll definitely enjoy making it too.

You can see the full instructions on I Heart Arts and Crafts.

19. Yertle the Turtle Toppling Turtles Craft

Enjoy crafting and playing games using these adorable little turtles inspired by Dr. Seuss’s story, Yertle the Turtle. It’s a great recycling activity as well because this craft uses plastic bottle caps. You can collect as many bottle caps as you can and create a tower of turtles. See who can stack the highest one.

You can see the full instructions on Kiwi Co. Corner.

20. Fox in Socks Tweetle Beetle Battle Bottle

Those who’ve read the Fox in the Socks book will know how funny the tongue twisters are in the book. Especially on the last part about the Tweetle Beetles and their fierce battles inside a bottle. This bottle craft is inspired by that battle in the story, and it’s effortless to make. Your kid can shake it up and learn about the different bugs inside. Pretty cool!

You can see the full instructions on Mad in Crafts

21. The Shape of Me and Other Stuff shape recognition

Teach your kids everything about shapes and how they change, just like in the book The Shape of Me and Other Stuff by Dr. Seuss. It’s a fun drawing and learning activity for kids that you can do while reading the book.

You can see the full instructions on Mom Endeavors.

22. Dr. Seuss Inspired Rhyming Game

For kids who are building this vocabulary, this Dr. Seuss Inspired Rhyming Game is a fun craft to make and a great educational activity for learning kids.

You can see the full instructions on Sweet Rose Studio.

23. Green Eggs Eggs and Ham Pretzels

Another adorable craft/treat to make with your kids (that looks too cute to skip) are these Green Eggs Eggs and Ham Pretzels. They make for great snacks when you have a Dr. Seuss storytime session. You can make these on St. Patrick’s day too. (‘cuz they’re green!)

You can see the full instructions on The Girl Who Ate Everything.

24. Put Me in the Zoo Paper Craft

This cute paper plate craft inspired by the book Put Me In The Zoo is a great craft to teach kids about colors. You can do it at birthday parties as well. It’s a super simple activity that will be enjoyed by kids of all ages.

You can see the full instructions on Natural Beach Living.

Get crafting with Dr. Seuss!

Dr. Seuss’s books are, without a doubt, a part of everyone’s childhood. I hope you can make your reading sessions more fun by combining these fun and creative artworks you can do at home or school. Which one of these will you make with your kids? Try them out today and get crafting with Dr. Seuss.

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