3 Easy Ways to Find Your Feng Shui Wealth Corner

In Feng Shui, every direction corresponds to an important area, both in your house and in your life. One of them is your wealth area. It is considered the energetic center of money or wealth. It is the best place for conducting business or managing household finances.

But not all wealth areas are the same for every home. You may need the help of Feng Shui to determine where it is located in your home.

If you’re interested in finding your wealth corner, here are three easy ways of finding your Feng Shui wealth corner.

Using Feng Shui to activate your wealth corner

Before you start thinking that this will instantly make you rich, you need to know that Feng Shui doesn’t work like that. It’s not an instant-win lottery ticket. 

Feng Shui is a ‘practice’ that can help find and activate your wealth corner at home or in your office. Using this practice doesn’t directly translate to more money in your pocket. It can only help activate and balance energies that could attract the inflow of money.

It’s not necessary to be a Feng Shui expert to start with this one. But understanding the basics of Feng Shui will help you get better results. 

Finding your Feng Shui wealth corner

Finding your wealth corner has different methods and different materials used. You can use any of these methods depending on what is most convenient for you. Here are three ways of finding your Feng Shui wealth corner.

1. Finding your wealth corner by using the Bagua

The Bagua (also called ba-gua or pakua) is a popular Feng Shui tool used to analyze any given space’s energy. It serves as a map to your space, which shows your home or office areas that are associated with particular areas of your life.

If you’re already familiar with the Bagua, you’ll know that the ‘wealth’ corner is located in the Southeast direction of your house. Some call this the “Prosperity & Abundance” area, and there are also some that call it the “Wealth & Prosperity” area or just the “Money” area.

To use the Bagua, all you need to do is take a compass and stand in the middle of your house. If you have or at least know the floor plan of your home, you can divide it into nine squares like so:

If your floor plan is rectangular, this won’t be too difficult to locate. But if your floor plan is a bit oddly shaped, and dividing it by the nine squares can be difficult, you can try the circular or pie division. 

2. Finding your wealth corner by using your Kua number

The Kua number is a unique Feng Shui requirement. It can be different from others because you’ll calculate it using your birth year based on the Chinese lunar calendar. People use this number to also know their Feng Shui birth element.

Take note that the Chinese lunar calendar is different from the western calendar. Usually, a western calendar ends on December 31. But with the Chinese lunar calendar, the given end date is February 4 or 5. So, for people born between January 1 – February 5 + birth year, you need to subtract one from your birth year before computing for your Kua number. 

Finding your Kua number

To find your Kua number, you just need to take the last two digits of your birth year (remember the rules of the lunar calendar). Add those two digits until you end up with a single number.


Your birth year is 1994, take the last two digits and add them up.

1994 will be 9+4 = 13. Add the sum again to obtain a single digit. 1+3 = 4.

For females, add 5 to your final sum. Taking the example above, which is 4, 4+5=9.

9 is your Kua number.

For males, subtract the final sum from 10. Again, taking the example above, which is 4, 10-4=6.

6 is your Kua number.

You can also use this calculator to compute your Kua number.

Your computed Kua number will let you know your four unlucky directions and four lucky directions. Your wealth areas are among those four lucky directions.

Once you know your lucky wealth direction, you can use the process from method 1 to locate which area in your house is your wealth corner.

3. Finding your wealth corner by using your house’s facing direction

This wealth area is also called the “hidden” wealth area. You can only locate this if you know the facing direction of your home.

Most people think that the facing direction of a house is where the front door is facing. But that’s not true. Because of the modernization of architecture, some homes now have a side facing the front door.

The Yang (from the Yin Yang principle) or the facing side of your home can be determined by where the main road going to your home is located. This is where more movement occurs (people or vehicles passing by).

For example, your front door is located on the north, but your house’s direction towards the main road is west, then your house’s facing direction is west, not north.

To be more accurate about this, you can use a compass and check where your house is facing.

Once you determine the facing direction of your home, you can refer to the list below to see where your wealth corner is located.

House’s Facing DirectionWealth Area
EastSoutheast, Northwest

What to do if I have multiple wealth areas?

When you try to use all the methods mentioned above, you might find more than just one wealth corner. If you do see more than one, there’s no need to worry. Each of these areas plays its own part in the wealth and prosperity you’re experiencing in life.

You can put items that will help activate the wealth energy in these areas and observe how they correlate. Look at how these areas affect your life and see which one plays a more influential role.

If you find overlapping wealth areas, then you’re lucky. It means that the energy in these areas is more powerful. Utilize them and let the chi energy flow freely.

Feng Shui elements for enhancing wealth and prosperity

You can use and put certain Feng Shui elements and decor to help activate your wealth corner. Here are some of them:

  • Wood

The wood element is associated with wealth in Feng Shui. You can place woody images such as trees, woody plants, or art that is made with different types of wood

  • Water 

Water elements are also connected to wealth and prosperity. Enhance your wealth corner by putting water elements like a fountain, aquarium, or even art that prominently features water, such as an ocean image.

  • Lights

Light also feeds the element of wood, so bringing light into the corner can also enhance prosperity. Make sure your wealth corner is well lit. If there are no windows around, you can use a natural wood-based lamp in the corner to enhance the light. You can also put mirrors to reflect and bring in more light.

  • Crystals

Specific crystals, like citrine, are highly associated with wealth and prosperity. You can place them in your wealth corner to draw money and success.

  • Colors

Using the right colors is a factor, as well. You can use wood-related colors like browns and greens. Tones of water like blue can also nourish the growth of wealth. You can also add the color purple as it is the color of wealth in Feng Shui.

  • Other wealth symbols

For decorations, you can add some known Feng Shui wealth symbols like the following:

  • Live goldfish (don’t use if your wealth area is in your bedroom)
  • Gold coins
  • Lucky Cat
  • Golden Ship of Wealth
  • Money frog
  • Jade plant
  • Succulents

Most importantly, surround yourself with images, art, and items that speak to you of the energy of wealth and the feeling of financial abundance. The items you choose must be a personal choice, as we all have different associations and preferences with the energy of wealth.

Things to avoid in your Feng Shui Wealth corner

If there are enhancers, there are also some things that you should NOT put in your wealth corner. It’s because these things could negatively affect energy flowing in your wealth corner. Thus, diminishing prosperity. These items include:

  • Clutter
  • Trash cans
  • Broken objects
  • Unpaid bills

You may also want to avoid items that belong to the fire and metal elements.

Bring in more wealth to your home through Feng Shui

Locating your wealth corner and activating its energy could take some effort. But doing so sends a message to the universe that you’re open to receiving more wealth and prosperity into your home. With the help of these methods, along with some Feng Shui tools, you’re on your way to achieving a more prosperous life.

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