5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Ants in Your Bedroom

Ants are highly social insects. When you see one, there are probably thousands more roaming around. That wouldn’t be much of a problem when you’re doing some nature tip outdoors. But that could instantly become a problem when you see them inside your bedroom.

There are about more than 12,000 species of ants. Some of them can be harmful to humans because they bite (and it’s painful) and even damage your house. When you encounter an ant infestation in your bedroom (or anywhere in your home), it’s best to quickly get rid of them. Here are our 5 natural ways to get rid of ants in your bedroom.

Why are there ants in my bedroom?

Ants may come into your home for various reasons, but hunting for food is undoubtedly the one on top. Ants may see your home as a possible source of food and water. It can also provide them with protection from predators, thus serving as a potential site for new colonies when they’re ready to expand.

Here are a few more reasons why ants might be coming into your bedroom:

They’re escaping from bad weather.

Like other species, ants are also affected by inclement weather. If their colonies are attacked by floods, snow, heat, and bad weather, they need to move and escape to more favorable environments.

They follow the scent of other ants.

Another reason why ants are infesting your home is that they may have picked up a scent that has attracted them. It can be the scent of other ants and even their own scent if their colony has previously invaded your home. 

They need moisture.

Ants also need moisture to live. If water is no longer available in their colonies, they will go to other areas to look for fresh supplies. That is why if the humidity in your house is high, ants will be attracted to it even if there’s no food exposed around.

They spillover your home

Another reason why there can be ants in your house even if it’s squeaky clean is that they can spillover from your neighbor. There is a high possibility of this if your home is attached to another house like an apartment dwelling. Much more when you have a neighbor that’s not fond of cleaning. If their house is infested by ants, that colony may spill over your premises.

How do I get rid of ants in my room?

Some people just resort to cans after cans of bug spray to fix their ant infestation problem. But aside from being costly, this method is also potentially harmful to the people residing in a household because of the toxic chemicals these sprays have.

There are actually tons of natural remedies you can use to solve this problem. Here are the top 5 natural remedies on our list.

1. Pepper

Ants seem to hate the scent of pepper. You can try using Cayenne pepper or black pepper to help get rid of ants. Sprinkle some of these on the area where ants potentially enter your room. You can also make a solution by mixing pepper and water and spray it near the entrant areas. 

The pepper wouldn’t kill the ants, but it can definitely deter them from returning to your house. Don’t forget to clean the area where you want to spray the pepper solution. 

2. White Vinegar

Like pepper, ants also can’t bear the smell of vinegar, so it’s a good ant repellant. Mix some equal parts of white vinegar and water (50% white vinegar and 50% water). Spray this solution on at the points from where the ants enter for at least once a day. Spray it around your doorway, windowsills, and other places where you usually see ants coming.

This solution may not kill the ants, but it can definitely keep them from entering your bedroom. 

3. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil can both repel and kill those pesky ants in your bedroom. Put 5 to 10 drops of tea tree oil on 2 cups of water and use it as a spray. You can also try soaking some cotton balls and putting them around your home where you’ve seen ants.

If you’re bothered with the scent, try mixing some peppermint oil with tea tree oil and some water. You should also keep this way from pets, especially cats, because tea tree oil can make them ill.

4. Cinnamon

Cinnamon can also act as a strong natural ant repellent because it’s a strong scent. Ants can’t stand strong scents; that’s why cinnamon is an effective DIY ant control option. 

You can place some cinnamon and cloves on your bedroom entrance, or anywhere the ants may enter. It is also a good method to also keep your house smelling fresh and earthy. You can also add some essential oils to the cinnamon powder to emit a more pungent smell, keeping the ants away. 

5. Glass cleaner and liquid detergent

Mixing spray-on glass cleaner and liquid detergent or dish soap can help repel ants from entering your home. This mixture helps remove the scented pheromone trails they leave behind as they walk. You can use this to spray on areas where ants seem to originate from. Wipe down the area after spraying, leaving a light residue.

More useful tips when dealing with ants

Aside from the natural remedies we mentioned above, there are more things you can do to permanently stop ants from going inside your bedroom. Here are some useful and easy tips on how to permanently eliminate ants in your bedroom.

Keep your room clean.

Proper sanitation is critical in the prevention and control of any kind of pests. Ants mainly leave their shelter to find food for their survival. That’s why you should seal all your food containers, regularly sweep your floors, and keep surfaces clean. This will prevent the ants from getting attracted to find food in your room.

Seal up the cracks

Ants can conveniently crawl into tiny spaces and openings because of their size. You can minimize this by sealing up and small gaps they could pass through. Seal around doors, windows, and all pipe, cable, and wire entry points. You should also inspect your foundations for any cracks where they can also pass through.

Identify ant trails

One of the best steps you could do is to identify the ant trails. These are the paths where the ants’ pass-through from their nest to anywhere they’re headed. Ants rely on the scent left by their scouts to guide them from their colony to specific food sources in your home. Knowing their trail is helpful in finding their colony. You can now plan on how you’ll eradicate the entire colony and stop them from coming into your room.

Use ant baits

Giving ants a handful of ant baits can help eliminate them right from the colony. Ant baits are edible materials, usually made of sweet, sugary carbohydrates, combined with toxic substances to ants but have only minimal toxicity to humans and animals. You can trick the ants by letting them bring home this bait and have them consume it. Place your ant bait on the ant trails you’ve found so the ants can easily find them.

Use some pesticide outdoors to destroy their colony.

Once you’ve followed the ant trails and fins their nest, you can now use some heavy dose of liquid pesticide that can soak down to reach the queen. Drenching the nest with some pesticides can be really effective. Just follow the instructions written on the pesticide package and ensure that you follow them correctly. Pesticides can be lethal to all insects, even the beneficial ones, so be careful when using them.

Just make sure that the ants you’re getting rid of are actually infesting your room or house. Many types of ants are helpful garden creatures that you have no reason to kill. If they happen just to stay outdoors and not really infest your room in any way, it’s best to leave them instead. 

Be patient

Getting rid of thousands of ants that are going near your bedroom isn’t as easy as putting these remedies at one time. It can take you das or even weeks to completely eliminate them, especially when they come from a big colony. Just be patient, and you’ll gradually see the effect of your efforts.

Stop those ants from infesting your bedroom

Ants are generally helpful and inspiring species when it comes to hard work and perseverance. But they can be a total pain when they start invading spaces that are not meant for them, like your bedroom.

I hope these natural and safe remedies could help you get rid of these tiny little invaders. These are totally cheap, and you may actually have these ingredients lying around your home already.

But in case all else fails, you always have the option to call professional exterminators to help you with your problem. 

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