99 Crafts to Make and Sell for Money

Are you bored in the house? Can’t think of more stuff to do?

Instead of spending all your time on social media and creating weird Tiktok videos, why don’t you try crafting some stuff which could also give you the $$$. 

As a craft junkie myself, I can say that doing various DIY projects is a great time-killer. Not only is it highly entertaining and fun, but it can also teach you new skills and spark new interests. Furthermore, it can also give you different mental and financial benefits.

If you love crafting or want to try some different stuff for fun, check out this list of various crafts to make and sell. It won’t only keep you busy and entertained; it could also give you a good source of income. 

Easy crafts to make and sell

1. Face Masks

Face masks are essential during a viral pandemic. According to the CDC, using cloth face coverings can help slow down the spread of viruses. Making cloth face masks wouldn’t just help protect yourself from the virus; it can also make you earn a decent amount of money because of its high demand. Additionally, they’re easy to do.

You might need a sewing machine for this. If you don’t have one, you can try the no-sew option.

2. Scented Candles

I love scented candles. They have these therapeutic powers that can make you feel relaxed and calm. You can make your own personalized candle with a mix of your favorite essential oils/fragrance, or make some for others to enjoy. It’s great for decorating too.

3. Dry Erase Menu Board

Make meal planning a lot more creative by making this easy DIY dry erase menu board. It’s perfect for weekly meals and more cost-effective since you won’t need to stick those paper notes on your fridge.

4. Hand-Painted Planters

For my plant-loving folks, these hand-painted planters are an adorable idea for garden crafts to make and sell. They cost really cheap and are easy to make, depending on the design you’re going for. I bet you can make several pieces in just a few hours.

5. Purse

Purses are definitely a fashion statement. Give it a touch of your creativity and make some easy DIY purse that is both functional and stylish.

6. Baby Milestone Blanket

New parents love to take memorable photos of their child’s milestones. Why not make a gorgeous baby milestone blanket for new and soon-to-be parents? This is the perfect background for those milestone shots. 

7. Elastic Headbands

Completing your style can never go wrong with a cute little headpiece that matches your outfit, just like these elastic headbands. They are easy to make and not that costly too.

8. Rose Bath Salt

Bath salts are lovely for your skin. Try making these Rose Bath Salts that look wonderful as a gift for someone special. You can also sell them as they look great as party favors.

9. Designer Wrapped Pencils

Make writing even more fun with these designer wrapped pencils. You can put any design or personalize them with names or quotes.  

10. Washable, Reusable Bowl Covers

Stop wasting money on aluminum foils and cling wraps. Go for these easy DIY washable, reusable bowl covers that are just as effective in covering your food. It’s very eco-friendly too.

11. DIY Desk Pad

Desk pads don’t just protect your desk from scratches, they also work as a functional decorative accessory. You can make beautifully patterned desk pads like this DIY leopard desk pad that is easy to make with almost no effort.

12. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are great if you want a bit more jazz while relaxing in your tub. You can try making this DIY Lavender Bath Bombs with Dried Lavender Flowers for a more relaxing bath before bed. It’s perfect for people who had a stressful day.

13. String Art

String arts are trendy nowadays. If you know how to hammer nails and twist some strings, this project will be a no-biggie for you. The best part about string art is they’re pretty cheap but visually stunning.

14. Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are a popular head accessory, especially at weddings, festivals, and other occasions. Additionally, this eye-catching headwear is cheap and easy to make, with simple materials needed.

15. Air Dry Clay Keychains

Another profitable craft to make and sell are clay keychains. You can offer it to consumers who want arty, handmade keychain, often with personalized initials or wording.

16. Lace Bowl

DIY lace bowls look intricate, fancy, and expensive. But they’re super cheap and easy to make and can be sold for a nice profit.

17. Marbled Mugs

Add some fun colors to plain white mugs using nail polish, like this DIY marbled mugs project. It’s super easy to make, plus the finished product looks gorgeous.

18. Hand Sanitizer Jacket

Stop shuffling through your bag just to find your sanitizer. Make a DIY hand sanitizer jacket so you can just hang that bad boy on the straps of your bag for easy access.  

19. Comic Book Magnets

Comic books fans will surely love these funky and timeless comic book magnets, which you can make easily and sell for a nice profit.

20. Handmade Soap

Handmade soaps are fun to make, and it’s easy to make and sell! You don’t need a lot of tools to make them. You can also get tons of inspiration from Pinterest.

21. Eyeglass Case

For eyeglass wearers of all ages, making this eyeglass case is excellent for protecting your precious specs from getting scratched. 

22. Scarves

Scarves are handy during the cold season. If you’re not the ‘knitting’ type, you can also sew one like this easy infinity scarf. They also work as an accessory for some added style.

23. Wind Chimes

Who doesn’t like the mesmerizing sounds of wind chimes? You can make one in all sorts of designs and sizes, indoor or outdoor, it’s up to you! Try this wood and clay windchime for a more rustic look.

24. Coasters

Drink coasters are probably one of the easiest to make. You can use different materials to make them like wood, textiles, glass, plastic, and even concrete. Try making this cool tile photo coasters to make it more personalized.

25. Lip Balm

Fun fact: Making a lip balm can only take 10 minutes or less. You can make them with just a few ingredients, plus you can jazz them up by adding flavors colors and putting it in a container of your choice.

26. Tote Bags

Tote bags are probably the most versatile bag out there. You can use them for groceries, in school or office, and pretty much anywhere. Using them minimizes the use of plastic bags too, which is excellent for the environment.   

27. Cat Tent

Cat tents aren’t that common when it comes to online selling, but it should be. If you want a cozy place for your feline friend, this DIY Cat Tent is relatively easy. You can customize them too!

28. Resin Jewelry

If you think making resin jewelry is hard, think again. It’s actually easy to work with, plus you can create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces to sell online.

29. Triangle Pouch

If you have extra fabric lying around your house, try making this cute triangle pouch. You can use it to store some coins and other small stuff. These can also be a cute stocking stuffer or DIY gift for the holidays that you can sell. 

30. Cat Toys

Reward your cat with some homemade playtime treat by making this hanging felt toy. This toy doesn’t take too much time to make, and you can sell it to your fellow hoomans! 

31. Dinner Napkins or Hand Towels

For those who love details, customized napkins, or hand towels are a must-have design piece. You only need minimal sewing skills and a few low-cost materials to make them.

32. Gadget Case

Most people want that extra layer of protection for their gadgets. Instead of buying those expensive electronic cases, you can make something like this tablet cover with a zippered pocket. It’s cheaper, and you can sell them too.

33. Studded Phone Case

Turn your phone cases to a cool studded phone case and put some interesting patterns of your choice. You can also do custom made designs and put it up for sale.

34. Tassel Earrings

Earring can definitely change a look, from casual to date night. Create your own awesome pair with these tassel earrings that are easy to make and look gorgeous with any outfit. 

35. Etched Wooden Cutting Boards

Creative and artsy, these handmade wood burned cutting boards are a lovely Christmas gift idea. It can also be an inexpensive wedding gift, anniversary present, or something to give parents. They’re fun to make too.

36. Hot Handle Holder

Never hold hot pot handles again with these hot handle covers—an excellent alternative for those who are not into wearing kitchen mittens.

37. Lotion Bars

Why travel with those icky cream lotions when you can just bring one of these cute lotion bars? They’re just as effective in keeping your skin hydrated, plus, they’re organic too.

38. Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

For those who like organic skincare, this coconut oil sugar scrub is made with just a few ingredients. It works well on the skin and is easy to make.

39. Yarn Ball Bookmarks

For book lovers, these cute yarn ball bookmarks are a great addition to your book reading must-haves. They’re really easy to make and make great for party giveaways.

40. Beaded Bracelets

You can make beaded bracelets with a diverse range of shapes, sizes, and colors. They are inexpensive to make and well-loved by customers of all ages, who like funky and affordable jewelry.

41. Rustic Wood Magnets

For those who like rustic crafts to make and sell, these rustic wood magnets are great for that farmhouse look. 

42. Diffuser Necklace

A necklace that makes you smell good? Hell yeah! This diffuser necklace is great for gifts, giveaways, party favors, and more! 

43. Seed Bombs

Seed bombs are used to introduce vegetation to land by throwing or dropping compressed bundles of soil containing live seeds. These seed bomb favors are easy to make and are eco-friendly party favors you can sell.  

44. Plush Toys/Stuffies

Another adorable craft to make and sell are plush toys. This Josephine doll looks really cute, and you can upsize or downsize them according to your liking.

45. Rose Gold Foiled Pencil Cup

DIY chic desk accessory? Try this rose gold foiled pencil cup for a modern and elegant look. They can double as makeup brush holders too!

46. Flower Pens

Here’s an inexpensive craft to make and sell – flower pens. You can use them as a functional home decor or as sell them as gifts or giveaways.

47. Fabric Covered Journal

Take journaling to the next level by making this fabric covered journal. You can make these for journals of all sizes.

48. Clay Leaf Bowls

Want something that has a bit more nature vibes? Here are some easy to make clay leaf bowls that you can use as an organizer or a simple decor for your home.

49. Data Cable Organizer Keychain

Never have that knotted and scattered data cables again with this data cable organizer keychain. They’re convenient and useful for people with a lot of gadgets.

50. Vintage Jewel Burlap Wall Letters

Wall letters are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Hang some of these vintage jewel burlap wall letters and write some inspiring words on your walls!

51. Hand Warmers

Never settle for freezing hands during winter ever again by making this cute DIY hand warmers. They are totally easy to make and are great for gifts too!

52. Shower Poufs

Make bathing more luxurious by using this cool mesh shower poufs. It helps you lather up a lot more during showers, much better than bath sponges.

53. Customized Doormat

Welcome your guests with some witty messages on your doorstep by making this customized doormat. You can put on any quote or design you want and sell for others to enjoy.

54. DIY Rope Bowls

Ropes aren’t just for tying, you can turn them into useful organizers too with this DIY Rope Bowls. The end results look excellent.

55. Jar of golden chocolate coins

You can never go wrong with golden chocolate coins, especially at parties. Try making this jar of golden chocolate coins and sell them for giveaways or as gifts for kids (or people who like chocolates…and money).

56. Nail Polish Paintings

If you have tons of unused nail polishes at home, you can use them and turn them into a beautiful artwork like this nail polish painting. Just pick up some canvas and a couple of nail polishes, and you’re pretty much set.

57. Wooden Utensil Box

Make a sturdy container for your spoons and spatulas like this wooden utensil box. It’s definitely a craft that’s easy to make and sell.

58. Fabric Wall Art

Dress up your walls with this lovely fabric wall art. With a wide range of fabrics available, the possibilities are endless.

59. Mini Pocket Notebooks

These mini pocket notebooks look so cute and are really handy, you can bring them anywhere. You can make them from just simple (and even recycled) materials and sell them in sets.

60. Wristlet Key Fob

People hate dropping their keys at inconvenient places, that’s why these wristlet key fobs are a must to have. Just attach them to your keys, and they look adorable with it too.

61. Decorated Champagne Flute

Whether you want to decorate champagne glasses for a party or just make one-of-a-kind glassware, this fun decorated champagne flutes will get you started.

62. Mosaic Picture Frame

Mosaics look beautiful, and they are fun to make too. Store lasting memories with this mosaic picture frame and make something out of broken ceramic or glass you may have at home.

63. Vintage Locket

Lockets never go out of style, just like this DIY vintage locket. It’s not that complicated to make and is really stylish.

64. Seashell Mirror

This seashell mirror will give you the ‘beach vibes’ every day. Making one will definitely cost less than buying one. It can yield you some good profit as well.

65. Hammock Chair

Hammock chairs are really relaxing to sit on. They’re great for all ages too. You can make this DIY hammock chair and set it up on your porch, backyard, or even your living room.

66. Chic Hair Chain

Add some flair to your tresses with this DIY Chic Hair Chain. It’s an effortless addition to your hairdo that’s sure to make you shine… and it’s just as easy to make!

67. Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are perfect for any occasion. Give it a more artistic and personal touch by making these homemade greeting cards.

68. Stickers

Stickers can definitely make any surface more interesting. Try making your own personalized stickers and bring out that artistic side to these stick-on goodies.

69. Bow Ties

These DIY bow ties could complete any casual to a formal look. You could also attract a massive market of bow tie wearers if you try to sell them at an affordable price.

70. Incense Sticks

Incense sticks are very easy to make. Fill your home with long-lasting fragrance by making incense sticks. And yes, you can make one at home.

 71. Chew Toy

Dogs love chewing toys. Make one for your fur baby with this DIY Chew toy. You can also sell them for other dogs to enjoy.

72. DIY Cufflinks

Cufflinks are a fashion statement, especially for men. Make them more personal by making some DIY cufflinks that you can personalize with different designs.

73. Clock

If you want a more quirky clock, try making this fun Lego clock. It’s easy and cheap. No special skills needed. 

74. Candleholder

Add some more flair to your candles by making lovely candleholders for them. You can use a variety of materials to make these. The possibilities are endless.

75. Body Scrub

Get that squeaky clean feeling in every bath with this DIY peppermint sugar scrub bars. They smell good, feel good, and are great for gifts too. 

76. Apron

Aprons are definitely a must-have when it comes to your kitchen. You can actually make one with this DIY apron and also sell them for a reasonable price.

77. Leash Holder

Never misplace your pet’s leash again and keep them tidy with this leash holder. Very convenient for organizing.

78. Custom T-Shirts

Bring out those artistic skills and design some plain t-shirts to become custom t-shirts. Put any design you want and sell them online.

79. Milk Baths

Milk baths are beneficial for the skin. Make an awesome one with this peppermint milk bath recipe. You can also sell them as party giveaways.

80. Pet Bowl Stand

Give a little elevation for your pet’s bowls with this pet bowl stand. Less food spillage guaranteed.  

81. Novelty Candles

Novelty candles aren’t your ordinary plain-looking candles. You can make them with more quirky and exciting designs—definitely a profitable craft to make and sell.

82. Homemade Vanilla

Vanilla at home? Yes, these homemade vanilla is just as good as commercially bought ones, if not better.

83. Cup Cozy

Cup cozies are those that you wrap around your mugs, just like those carton cozies they give you at Starbucks. You can make a much better one and sell it for others to enjoy.

84. Braided doormat

Braided doormats are definitely next level compared to ordinary doormats. You may need a few knotting skills to do this, but the finished product sure is stunning. 

85. Pillow Cover

Give some new style to your pillows with this no-sew pillow covers. You can use any fabric of your choice.

86. Ear Cuffs

Tired of plain earrings and want a bit more flair? Try making this heart ear and tragus cuff for more cool-looking earlobes.

87. Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards are not just an easy craft to make and sell but really useful too. Try making these DIY fruit bulletin boards that are totally Instagram worthy.

88. Beard Oil

Beards need a bit of loving too. This beard oil will surely be an excellent quick fix. These are easy to make and perfect for selling also.

89. Friendship Bracelet

Friendship bracelets signify unbreakable bonds, and they seem to never get old. Try making these DIY heart friendship bracelets that are much cheaper than gold chained ones.

90. Pacifier Clips

Many parents hate it when their child’s pacifier falls to the ground. End this dilemma by making these pacifier clips. Moms and dads would surely want to buy one.

91. Baby Shoes

Baby shoes can get a bit expensive. Little did they know, you can actually make a much cheaper one, like this fabric baby shoes. It’s great for selling as well. 

92. Dog Biscuits

Here’s an easy dog biscuit treat recipe for your beloved doggies. They’re so easy to make and are great for selling to fellow fur parents.

93. Toothbrush Holder

If you love your pearly whites, you should also take care of their cleaners. This toothbrush holder is made from simple materials but looks pretty neat.

94. Holiday Ornaments

Ornaments are really in-demand, especially during the holiday season. These holiday ornaments are perfect for Christmas Trees. Using low-cost items will also make your profits soar.

95. Dread Hair Extensions

Dreads return in fashion every now and then. Take advantage of this trend and make dread hair extensions. Don’t worry, you won’t need real hair for this.

96. Blankets

Throw blankets are perfect for those binge-watching nights. This DIY throw blanket will surely complete your Netflix and Chill, you can also sell them and earn some nice profit. 

97. Wood Burned Earrings

Want some fashionable earrings? These DIY wood burned earrings are stylish and fun to wear, plus they are a cinch to make!

98. No-sew Tutu Skirt

Who says tutus are only for ballerinas? You can make one of this no-sew tutu skirt and flaunt it with a pair of tights or wear them alone, whichever you like. You can make a good profit from these too!

99. Faux Granite Bookends

Want some aesthetic bookends? These faux granite bookends are for you. You can make one with just using a few items and some artistic touch. 

Get to crafting and start earning.

There are tons of other crafts to make and sell that are not on this list. But we sure hope that you’ll try making some of these and earn from them while you’re stuck at home. Throw in a little bit of creativity and enthusiasm, and you’ll surely reap sweet rewards!

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